Well everyone...  looks like this is it.
The most exciting, exhilirating and extraordinary time to be alive in recent human history.  Growth, change, manifestations... all are happening at an accelerated rate and at times it may seem hard to keep up.

Welcome to the Spiritual Voice Coach website. I am a certified Life Coach and I want to hear your voice.


Your voice isn't just the mechanical structure in your throat. Your voice is also your vibe. How you are presenting yourself to the world. And if your inner voice and your outer voice don't match. Uh oh. Here comes trouble. Can't you feel the truth of that in your very bones? I can. Which is exactly why I am doing this work.

My individual sessions and this website are dedicated to the exploration of the voice on every level.  Both our physical voices and vibratory voices work in tandem to bring to us our mirror... our outer world.  Everything you are experiencing right now is a reflection of your communication out into the universe.  

Each page of this websight will give you insights into what my research and coaching is all about in order to educate and uplift the spirit.  I encourage you to start with the first page called The Silence for it is the very stuff we are all made of.  And where every journey begins.

I am glad you are here with me.
Now, let's get your groove on.

-Barbara Stephan
Certified Life Coach, Professional Singer, Voice Coach
Milwaukee, WI

Life Coaching with Barbara Stephan
Use your voice to change your life!