I can sincerely say that all I teach in my sessions is the truth as I have experienced it.  This website is meant to give a small peek through the window of what I am now so keenly aware of.  I do not speak in theories.  I only give to you what I know in my body as the truth.

I have used these tools to completely transform my life.  And I do mean completely.  I follow my bliss.  I sing in three different bands, I write music, play piano, sleep in, coach others, I am active in an Empowerment Circle for women, I take naps, dream, laugh and I am awed by things like leaves and trees and bugs.  I have never been happy before.   I like it.  I wish to pass onto others just how I released the things inside me that were not allowing source.  The things that kept me in the illusion of separation from Mother/Father God.  If you are drawn in any way to work with your voice, then I am happy to share all this knowledge with you.  There are so many things I want to tell you. 


Barbara Stephan