"I recently took the Free Your Voice workshop and I am so glad I did!  The seamless flow of information the anecdotal approach to teaching made the time fly by.  The breathing and voice exercises increased my confidence and have made communication so much easier.  Do you want to sing or just open up and say what is on your mind?  Barbara's love, enthusiasm and thorough knowledge of this healing and joyful subject matter makes an awesome workshop." 

-Susan Zielke
Waukesha, WI

"Barbara Stephan is a singer who coaches not just the 'voice' but the voice embodied by and in each unique person.  Her own singing exemplifies the power, control and beauty of speaking/singing/performing in "one voice" from the core of her being."

-Betty Salamun
Milwaukee, WI

"Barbara Stephan is clearly one of the most versatile vocalists around.  Pop, r&b, jazz - she sings it all - effortlessly..."

Jonathan Winkle
Executive Director
Sharon Lynne Wilson Center
Milwaukee, WI