The sense related to the Throat Chakra is...

HEARING.  The ear. 

The ACTION related to the Throat Chakra is LISTENING (you thought I was going to say speaking weren't you?)

The ability to LISTEN is the key to unlocking the massive potential of the Throat Chakra.   And what are we listening for?  The voice of our intuition.  Our higher knowing.

And how to we access our higher knowing?


When we touch our purity of truth at the throat, we touch the power and hear the beautiful sound of silence.

"The only real valuable thing is intuition."

-Albert Einstein

Learning to let the energy flow through your Throat Chakra is a very valuable tool in your spiritual toolbox.

The health of your voice and the manifesation of your dreams depends on it.

Drum roll please...

This is where the rubber meets the road.
Where bang meets buck.
Where non-physical meets physical.
well, you get the picture.

This is... the Throat Chakra.

Ta Da!

This is a very unique chakra.  I encourage you to read about and familiarize yourself with all the chakras if you haven't done so already... but in studying the voice we get to know this one in depth.

The Throat Chakra has one foot in both the physical and spritual realms.  This Chakra is related to creativity, creating and manifesting in the physical world and the world of one's spirit.  All expression comes through the Throat Chakra and is influenced by it.  The essence of power is the "word". 

So, let me give you a simple scenario:

You don't have a bicycle.  You just happened to see someone ride by your house on a shiny new red bike.  You start imagining yourself on a shiny new red bike.  You have created a holographic image in the spiritual realm of you on this bike.  You run into a friend later that day.  You hear a voice - your intuition - urging you to tell this particular friend about your yearning for a bike.  You have the idea of the bike in your mind, you hear your mouth open almost of it's own accord and speak the words "Hey, I'm looking for a shiny new red bike."  Your friend looks at you in surprise because that very day she ran into someone who has one for sale.


Here is the magic of the Throat Chakra....
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