It has now become a proven fact in scientific communities that we are all literally one with everything that was ever, or will be, created.  We are all made of the same stuff.  And whether you want to call it the Divine Matrix, the Field, the Womb, the Mind of God, or the Silence (that's what I call it)... it all comes down to the same thing.  We are beings existing because of and within a field of energy full of potentials.  I want you to stop now and just consider the space between you and the objects in the room you are occupying.

The space we think is so empty is actually made up of a living essence, a living material that science is just now beginning to understand.  We have experiences inside our bodies that influence the world beyond our bodies - specifically the conduit of what is in this space.  This is not woo woo freaky out there thinking.  It is scientific fact.  Exciting and a bit frightening isn't it?

"There is something we can do in our lives that influences not only the physical body, but literally influences the physical reality of our world.  And that changes everything."
-Gregg Braden, scientist/best-selling author

My life coaching is based on an understanding of this living essence - The Silence.  We will:

* Take a journey through scientific experiments that will blow your mind wide open. 

* Get in touch with and explore the ways that you may be unconsciously communicating with the Silence.

* Learn tools to get in touch with the Silence and find out what it responds to.

* Meet the scientists who have profoundly influenced my life and the way I understand my own vocal and vibratory imprint.