No, this picture isn't something out of a science fiction movie silly... it's your larynx.  Amazing isn't it?  We use it so much everyday.  If you are a singer, you are the only instrumentalist in the world (and yes, it is an instrument) who uses their instrument to navigate through the issues and demands of everyday life.  Imagine two piano players trying to bang out enough notes to express the idea - "Let's meet at Starbuck's at noon."  Just ain't happening.

Believe it or not, this mechanism has an intelligence all its own.  The cells that make up the tissues know what is happening in the environment you are providing for it.  If you love your voice, it knows it.  If you hate it, it knows it.  If you're not speaking your truth, it knows that too.  The quality of your voice is  sending out messages to others without you consciously even realizing it.  The sound of your voice can reveal how confident your are or if you really believe what you're saying. 

Learn how to use this instrument with the language that will literally sing your voice out of you. Most of us don't know how DEEPLY language effects the world around us. It is, literally, EVERYTHING.

In your individual session, your mission -  should you choose to accept it - will be to:

1.  ANSWER powerful questions designed to give you the space for truth to emerge.
2. GIVE yourself permission to tell the true story.
3.  LEARN all the ways you are communicating with the universe and don't even know it.
4.  ACCESS the unconscious mind. (It is easier and more FUN than you think...)

and there is MUCH MORE than this.  This is the tip of the ice berg.

AND we will have a great time doing it.